5 Ways To Create A #StresslessSummer

Last summer, we teamed up with experts to bring you solutions and strategies for a Stressless Summer. As a family, we are enjoying bike rides, lemonade stands and trips to the beach, but it takes planning and being present, so I thought I’d add to a few of last years articles to bring family fun front […]

It’s Not Too Late For A Staycation! #stresslesssummer

Too much to do? Gotta stay home? Think STAYCATION!

Staycation is when you play tourist in your own backyard!  You literally are enjoying your local by making day trips or short overnight stays for cheap!  Some people literally STAY on their staycation, and turn their homes in to their own personal vacation oasis. Either way – […]

Self-Regulation as Easy As 1-2-3

Self-regulation is the ability to control inner energy states related to thoughts, emotions, attention, inhibition, performance and more. Most people think of self-regulation as either a trait, “He’s got good regulation skills” or something that you do each day, yet many children need to regulate several times an hour. Having the ability to increase […]

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How To Build A Better Dad ~ Free Webinar with Keith Zafren

I want to remind you that Keith Zafren, founder of The Great Dads Project and author of the award-winning book How to Be a Great Dad — No Matter What Kind of Father You Had, is offering a couple of free webinars this week and next week, the first for moms, and the second for […]

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Did you ever wanna hug your kid’s teacher?

This is a bit self-disclosing and I might even delete it when I come back to my senses, but I love my daughter’s honors teacher so much, I want to hug her.  Why do I love her? Because the children love her! Mrs. Hudson is brilliant, unique, organized and oh-so funny. She has nurtured, […]

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