30 Day Meal Planner ~ What Doctors Eat

As you all know, a few friends and I have been making the recipes in Dr. Taz What Doctors Eat to improve our overall health this summer. Dr. Taz kindly sent us this 30 day meal planner and I thought you’d love it, share away. Click on the image to download. Let us […]

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Remember Ranger Cookies?

When we were quite young, I used to hear my uncle Rob in the middle of the night, quietly opening the cookie jar (not so easy as it was this tight old dented tin) for another one of Grandma’s Ranger Cookies.
My grandmother, also used to put Wheaties and chocolate chips in them instead of coconut […]

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5 Ways To Create A #StresslessSummer

Last summer, we teamed up with experts to bring you solutions and strategies for a Stressless Summer. As a family, we are enjoying bike rides, lemonade stands and trips to the beach, but it takes planning and being present, so I thought I’d add to a few of last years articles to bring family fun front […]

Protein On The Go! #stresslesssummer

A mom asked me yesterday, “How do I provide protein to our kids on the run?” One thing we do is make turkey and cheese roll ups on tortillas, sliced, wrapped and ready to go. Another great option is the NEW Happy Family Protein shake. Yum!

Happy Child Super Nutrition Shakes, are a delicious chocolate […]

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15 Solutions for Better Thinking and Self-Regulation ~ LIVE Webcasts

In her upcoming book, Play Activities For Better Thinking, Self-Regulation and Motor Skills in Children ages 3-12, pediatric psychologist Dr. Lynne Kenney integrates the newest neuroscience research with practical activities designed to enhance executive function, learning, behavior and self-regulation.

Now you can get a sneak preview of 15 of the neurocognitive activities as well as […]